crazyfruitloops said: Hi! Could you possibly send me / post the link for that black and white "Chic" tee? Thank you! :)

There should be a link to it under the set, I think it says something like “H&M tee” xx

Anonymous said: whats your name?


virmarierondonx said: dresses to wear with the KG Tamara boots and burberry leather jacket

Here are a few ideas! xx
1. Indigo Joni jeans, gray tee, black Pom Pom beanie
2. Light wash Leigh jeans, white cable knit sweater, heart shaped pendant, messy bun
3. Plain black shift dress, bayswater bag, silver jewelry, curled pony tail

Anonymous said: I really need your help!! So I'm about to go out with some friends, it's a casual thing and I'm wearing light blue ripped jeans with a over sized grey shirt and a red flannel shirt wrapped around my waist, what should I do with my hair??? Please help! I'm leaving in 1 hour!!

I would wear it in a messy bun or slightly curl it and put in a pony tail! I realize this is late and you probably already went out, but maybe you’ll wear the same outfit again! xx

Hi guys! How has everyone been?!

I’m so sorry I have not been on much at all lately but I really am trying to make time! xx

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